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Faculty | Waslander, S. (Sietske)

Apart from its core faculty members, TiasNimbas Business School brings together lecturers from universities around the world. Drawn from both academia and management consultancy, TiasNimbas faculty share extensive teaching and research experience as well as specific industry expertise.

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Waslander, S. (Sietske) Waslander, S. (Sietske)
Professor of Management of Complex Educational Organisations
Areas of expertise: Context (Sociology), Health & Education (Education Management, Innovation, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Leadership, Public Policy, Research and Development), Quantitative Methods (Business Research Methods, Economics, Statistics), Strategy & Innovation (Strategy and Leadership)



Prof.dr. Sietske Waslander is professor of management of complex educational organisations. From september 2007 she is Academic Director at the Academic Master Management of Education (MME) of TiasNimbas Business School. She is specialised in educational questions and does researches about establishing (complex) educational organisations, sustainable innovations and leadership. On these terrains she tries to connect science, policy and practice. She does this by conducting research, writing accessible overviews of scientific analysis, advising (semi-)public authorities, educational offices and offices of interest and by giving lectures and masterclasses.

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Waslander, S. (2011). Government, school autonomy and legitimacy. Why the Dutch Government is adopting an unprecedented level of interference with independent schools. Journal of School Choice, 4, 1-19.

Waslander, S. (2011). Schoolleiders en de kunst van drie-dimensionaal leiderschap. MESO Magazine.

Waslander, S., van der Weide, M., & Pater, C. (2011). Het debat over onderwijskwaliteit. Pers, Politiek en Praktijk Deel II. Utrecht: VO Raad.

Waslander, S. (2011). Vijf jaar innoveren. Opbrengsten van het Innovatieproject VO. Utrecht: VO Raad.

Waslander, S., van der Weide, M., & Pater, C. (2010). Markets in Education. An Analytical Review of Empirical Research on Market Mechanisms in Education. OECD Education Working Papers, 52.

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