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International Full-Time MBA

TiasNimbas Business School

Participant profile

Yayoi IshidaYayoi Ishida
International Full-Time MBA 2009-2010

Previous degrees: MA in Sociology, Columbia University, New York; BA in International Relations, Boston University, Boston

Prior to TiasNimbas, I was a Tax Consultant at KPMG. I wanted to switch directions in my career and felt that an MBA was necessary to make myself marketable in a field outside of tax.

The timing was perfect, as I had worked long enough to learn the essential principles of working in a professional environment, yet I was not too far into my career that this switch would create a big setback.

In choosing a school, I looked for an academic environment where personal interests are recognized and strong relationships could be built with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, as I found this to be the most enriching aspect of my graduate experience at Columbia University.

I was therefore immediately drawn to the International Full-Time MBA programme at TiasNimbas, where great emphasis is placed on personal development.

You not only learn to become effective leaders, you also work to become confident, self-driven individuals. And as was my experience at Columbia, the small student-body size creates an approachable environment, where you find yourself amongst remarkable, talented individuals from all over the world who constantly challenge and expand your perspective.
Your MBA at TiasNimbas allows you to meet the world – including renowned academics and international peers – in small classes of highly diverse professionals who come from a wide variety of industry and functional backgrounds.

With TiasNimbas’ action learning method, which requires intensive interaction and communication with your classmates, you will learn how other cultures think and act in business. Group projects within this highly international cohort provide you with hands-on skills in ‘global cooperation’.

The learning environment here is a community – intense, interactive, and impassioned. Our international faculty, many of whom have won awards for their teaching excellence, are accessible and approachable. Your classmates form an international team – connecting and competing, is the model here at TiasNimbas. You will support, stimulate, and enrich each others’ experience.

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Facts & figures class of 2012-2013

35 students - ± 20 nationalities


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The Experience

One year of making connections between the right people, and the right ideas – intense self-discovery as you connect what you already know with what you need to know to open doors on your career path.

A lifetime of making decisions:
  • How will you integrate sustainability with a sound bottom line?
  • What is the impact of your decisions on all stakeholders?
  • How will you inspire your team to win in an international environment?

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Humphrey Sopakuwa
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