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International Full-Time MBA

TiasNimbas Business School

Why TiasNimbas

Jan Hommen, CEO ING GroupJan Hommen,
and previous Chairman of TiasNimbas’ Supervisory Board

TiasNimbas Business School has a powerful equation for success.

The MBA programme is intellectually rigourous, offers individualised personal and career development, and explores societal aspects that go beyond the traditional management strands.

You will therefore be in a unique position to see the bigger picture, deal with diversity and complexity, and understand the broader stakeholder management issues.

The approach gives you an edge in your decision-making and effectively prepares you for leadership that can produce sustainable long-term benefits to organisations and society at large.

Transforming insight into skills

With our International MBA program you will:

  • Gain perspective on the dynamics between organizations and stakeholders;
  • Acquire a full range of market competencies to boost your career opportunities;
  • Develop personal abilities to lead others and drive organizational change;
  • Benefit from the latest business research and strategic insights;
  • Get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions;

Read more about how a TiasNimbas MBA can transform your career. Download our brochure.

Cutting edge education with a strong focus on personal development

The TiasNimbas MBA program is dedicated to teaching at the cutting edge of business knowledge with a strong focus on personal development. The result is a strong knowledge foundation combined with a real-world, marketable skill set. Aspects include:

  • The latest research from the TiasNimbas Business School and the Tilburg School of Economics and Management;
  • Dedicated time for personal and social development;
  • Small class sizes for extra interaction with classmates and top international faculty;
  • An international study trip for insight into other institutions, organisations and culture;
  • An MBA Management Project providing three months of guaranteed work experience within an NGO or a commercial organisation.

An integrated program supported by internationally-acclaimed institutions

Our School of Economics and Management is integrated with all relevant business aspects of TiasNimbas under the umbrella of Tilburg University. These institutions are internationally known for their commitment to excellence:

  • Tilburg University ranked #3 in Europe in the UT Dallas Top 100 World Rankings of Business Schools Based on Research Contribution (2008-2012); 
  • The TiasNimbas International MBA program is placed 74th in the 2014 Financial Times Global MBA ranking
  • The TiasNimbas International MBA program is accredited by AMBA and AACSB; 
  • The TiasNimbas full-time MBA program consistently ranks in the top 100 in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s worldwide ‘Which MBA?’.

A focus on real-world leadership

The TiasNimbas International MBA has a heritage of strong curricular focus on both Academic and Personal elements. But excellence in MBA education requires more than a cutting edge academic program and knowledge-building. It must also prepare participants for leadership amid the real-world challenges of, for instance, recession.

That’s why our International MBA program moves beyond the traditional focus of Academic and Personal growth by adding a third layer – the Societal element. In fact, our faculty members specialize in integrating this aspect into our program, making the TiasNimbas International MBA a highly effective way to prepare leaders for the complexity that awaits.

Download your MBA brochure now to see how a TiasNimbas MBA can help you deal with a complex working world.

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